Precise execution offloading for applications with dynamic behavior in mobile cloud computing

قیمت:34000 تومان

EATS: Energy-Aware Tasks Scheduling in Cloud Computing Systems

قیمت:22000 تومان

Probabilistic Modeling to Achieve Load balancing in Expert Clouds

قیمت:34000 تومان

CCA: a deadline-constrained workflow scheduling algorithm for multicore resources on the cloud

قیمت:28000 تومان

Towards an improved heuristic genetic algorithm for static content delivery in cloud storage

قیمت:28000 تومان

An Enhanced Task Scheduling Algorithm on Cloud Computing Environment

قیمت:19000 تومان

Intelligent cryptography approach for secure distributed big data storage in cloud computing

قیمت:25000 تومان

A Comparison on Cloud Computing and Grid Computing

قیمت:20000 تومان

Optimizing virtual machine placement for energy and SLA in clouds using utility functions

قیمت:28000 تومان

Security Issues In Service Model Of Cloud Computing Environment

قیمت:15000 تومان

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